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Delivery Model

Choose the delivery model that best suits your business needs

Our delivery models are aimed to provide clients with the utmost flexibility, security and scalability to completely address their business needs and be rest assured to experience consistently high levels of quality.

iAriana believes that different delivery models are a must in this dynamic changing business landscape where each organization has its own set of needs and working methodology.

With onsite delivery model, clients can get full support and time of Hidden Brains skills professionals to build and implement solutions of varying complexities. It becomes possible for the client to engage in a face-to-face discussion with onsite professional for the scope of the project, challenges faced and ways to address them. Clients can suffice their organization’s IT requirements through a team working onsite to give a thorough understanding of their business needs. This model is the best choice for developing products or solutions that are iterative in nature and require all relevant stakeholders to be in close contact with each other.

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