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Cloud Integration

Cloud Integration Services




iAriana believes in the transformational power of Cloud Computing for Cloud service providers and enterprises, be it a large or small, we have the capability to roll out cloud leveraged next-generation solutions. We at iAriana, offer Cloud integration services for all the three service delivery models – SaaS, PaaS and IaaS and provide deployment services over all types i.e. Public, Private and Hybrid clouds for enterprises looking to deliver seamless user experience across their networks and infrastructures.

With a range of services provided by cloud such as computational facilities on-demand, storage services, software and video applications, enterprises of all scales are compelling to access them which provides them with more scalability, agility, data storage, on-demand access from any device, and furthermore, reduces the cost tremendously.

Application optimization for cloud capabilities

Leveraging cloud initiatives with enterprise objectives

Security framework and hybrid cloud environment

On-premises to SaaS or Cloud to Cloud and B2B integration

Cloud enterprise application integration services

Integration for all service delivery models-SaaS, PaaS, IaaS

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